Quality at Krea

  • Apart from following standards laid down by National and International bodies governing Research, krea has tailor-made Quality Process in place for different Research Methodologies.

Online Research Quality

  • The Panelists are recruited through Multiple sources & with close representation of the universe
  • Completely Double opt-in
  • Registration Page is CAPTCHA enabled to avoid robotic and multiple registrations
  • No incentive to empanel & No referral policy
  • Strict Validations to ensure multiple registrants from same IP/email
  • Inactive Panelists are removed from the Panel frequently
  • Optimal Panelist Engagement with not more than 3 to 4 survey invitations per month
  • Strictly adhere CAN-SPAM ACT
  • In compliance with ESOMAR & CASRO Standards
  • A survey feedback system that measures the quality of a survey attributes

Offline Research Quality

  • Our QC process starts from the time the study is in the briefing stage. We run and check the questionnaires or DI guide for logical, arithmetical and administrative compliance, depending on the methodology. We implement and execute different QC procedures as mentioned below:

F2F / IDI Interviews:

  • We start a study by conducting three mock interviews to finalize the right way to administer the questionnaire. Executives do a random 5% back check to start with, and then Independent Quality Controllers (QC) back check 30% of the questionnaires with respondents according to the contact details obtained during recruitment. A back-check questionnaire is designed including the basic information of the respondents as well as some key questions. QC back checks with the respondents over telephone. If the respondent is not reachable over telephone, QC visits the respondent’s premises to conduct back check. Any flaws or discrepancies found during the validation are reported to the Project Managers and the interview is conducted afresh.

Telephonic Interviews

  • Our team of QC is directly involved in the Telephonic Interviews and accompanies at least 10% of SS with each interviewer and independently performs 20% of the SS telephonic back check with random question checks. Any flaws or discrepancies found during the back check are reported to the Project Managers. If the audio file has errors, the interview is discarded and conducted afresh.

For more info on Quality Assurance and Adverse Event Reporting, please contact us.

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