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Imagine a scenario where you’ve done a full fledged study. You are presenting to the management/board next week and suddenly realize a few key questions were missed out.Fret not !

Go Instant, Go Mobile.

  • KreaMobile connects with Doctors and promises a really quick turnaround!
  • KreaMobile is India’s first and largest Mobile-Only Physician Panel.

Are Doctors mobile-savvy?

Fact1: More than 75% of Doctors use Smart phones and Medical Apps
Fact2: A doctor spends more time on Mobile phone than ComputerKrea’s Findings:
Krea’s finding 1: More than 70% of the Doctors prefer to take Surveys in multiple sittings
Krea’s finding 2: More than 80% of the Doctors prefer to attend the Surveys on the go
Krea’s finding 3: More than 70% of the Doctors prefer to take the Surveys themselvesIf you are a firm believer of Facts and Findings, talk to us now…Get near-instant responses.


  • Brand recall
  • Sales Rep effectiveness
  • Physician Feedback
  • Segmentation Research
  • Demand estimation
  • Distribution Channel Audits
  • We recommend a max of 20 questions for better completion rate.
  • Show and fetch Image/Video content.
  • We’ll help design the Questionnaire incorporating greater interaction, using the best response type. Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Ratings, Date, Time, grid, grid with rating, grid with statements, Photo, Video
  • kreaMobile provides all services that you need: Questionnaire design, Programming,
  • Hosting and Data Collection – All in One.

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