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Krea in 100 words

  • Krea is blazing its way – re-energizing healthcare research and data collection in Asia.For Asia, mixed-mode is what the doctor prescribed (and we are leading the way!).We believe that for Asia, it is a mix of access panels and fieldwork that holds the key for effective research.It’s all about Healthcare: Physicians, Patients, Pharmacists, Nurses, KOLs and custom-connect (Payers, Purchase Managers, Decision Makers, Hospital owners).Krea → Pumping-up Healthcare Data collection in Asia!

The Driving Force

  • Pravin Shekar is the kreator-in-chief at Krea. He is a recipient of American Marketing Association’s “Emerging leader in Marketing Research” Award (4 under 40). Pravin excels in identifying, exploring market niches and leveraging technology in this quest. Check out his profile here!
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthy brings 15 years of experience in the social sector. Anu heads the panel development team and specializes in connecting with the Hard to Reach sector. NGOs, non-profits, patient communities and the LGBT segment are areas where Anu has hands-on experience.

Krea believes in giving back to the society. 35% of Krea’s workforce comprises of people with disabilities.


  • Panels: Our international panel network assists us in reaching out to various geographies including China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Technology: We use Cint’s OpinionHub system and continue to increase our tech-partner network
  • Krea is sponsoring several initiatives that include CAN DO, a BPO center that provides skill development and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Krea supports Non-profit associations: www.TheSocialCatalyst.org, www.TrueGiftsIndia.org
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