Krea’s CEO, covered in your heart and don’t be complacent

  • What starts as a hobby or a part-time job can give you a life. After making a business out of this kind of a trade, you would want to create an ecosystem and do something different. Pravin Shekar, a serial entrepreneur, got into this rough and tumble world of entrepreneurship not by choice but by accident. His friend suggested that they jump into business and Pravin said yes.
  • In his latest venture, Krea, market research is done through panels, a novel concept as far as India is concerned. Krea has built an impressive database of 75,000 panelists with their demographics clearly assorted. This gives Krea an edge in exactly meeting the tough needs of its customers. For example, a customer wanted to test out a product on new mothers who had babies that were three months old. Krea did it. When you know the panelists in detail, the customer’s choice of segments and research area are narrowed down to the clearly defined target set of panelists.
  • What results is not a mix-and-match result but a very focused and concrete result with which the customer gets an exact feel of the market.
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